There’s something about the woods that intrigues me so much. I love how mysterious and cold they can be, how beautiful and relaxing they can seem. It’s scary how easily you can get lost through their trees and never find a way back. Somehow they reminded me of you.
I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect.
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I’m getting two kittens today!
When I stop yelling at you about things I should be angry about, that’s when you should worry. When I start getting quiet with you, it’s because I’m giving up on things. It’s because I know that talking about it doesn’t help anymore because you still do the things that you know are wrong.
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so someone from wisconsin, or with an ip address from wisconsin, has been constantly going to the post about mine and mack’s relationship and i think that’s really funny 

cutest little wall plug ☺️🎃


How lovely is it to have a girl, who doesn’t even let you stand without loving you. You feel it you know, when someone is addicted to you?

so cute i’m gonna cry